Underwater Trail run: India’s First Metro train in Kolkata

Underwater Trail run India’s First Metro train in Kolkata

The East-West Metro project goals to connect the Japanese and western elements of Kolkata, spanning a distance of approximately sixteen.6 kilometers (10.Three miles). The underwater phase of the metro line is ready 520 meters (1,706 toes) lengthy and runs below the Hooghly River, linking Howrah and Kolkata.

The production of the underwater tunnel worried the use of specialized tunnel boring machines (TBMs) to create the tunnel beneath the riverbed. The undertaking faced several challenges because of the presence of tender riverbed soil, excessive groundwater stress, and the need to hold the structural integrity of the tunnel.

Underwater Metro Project Details from East-West :

  1. Project Overview: The East-West Metro is a mass rapid transit system being constructed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It aims to connect the Salt Lake City area in the east with Howrah in the west, covering a distance of approximately 16.6 kilometers (10.3 miles).
  2. Underwater Section: The project includes an underwater section that spans the Hooghly River, making it India’s first underwater metro line. The underwater tunnel is about 520 meters (1,706 feet) in length and connects the Howrah and Kolkata sides of the river.
  3. Construction: The construction of the underwater tunnel involved the use of specialized tunnel boring machines (TBMs) to excavate the tunnel through the riverbed. The tunneling process required careful engineering and planning due to challenges such as soft riverbed soil, high groundwater pressure, and the need to ensure the structural stability of the tunnel.
  4. Stations: The East-West Metro project encompasses several stations along the route, both on land and underwater. Some notable stations include Howrah, Mahakaran, Salt Lake Sector V, Sealdah, and Esplanade. These stations will serve as crucial transit points and provide convenient access to various parts of the city.
  5. Project Progress: At the time of my knowledge cutoff, significant progress had been made on the East-West Metro project. The underwater tunnel construction was underway, and various other aspects, such as station construction, track laying, and electrical and signaling work, were also in progress.

As per New Report :

As in step with the record, the date of graduation of commercial service will depend upon the achievement of the trials. Earlier, KMRC had said that India’s first underwater metro service, the East-West Metro Corridor undertaking is predicted to be completed by using December 2023. Shailesh Kumar, General Manager Civil KMRC had advised ANI, “The ongoing underwater tunnel project is probably to be finished by using December 2023. Some rehabilitation works are in procedure and different issues are delaying the finishing touch of the underwater metro mission.
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