Christmas begins with Santa Licious this December!!

Christmas begins with Santa Licious this December!! : The new Licious promoting invites Christmas early this 12 months with ‘Licious Decemmmmber‘ campaign. The brand submitted a film that introduced a family who gets paid in dinner when an unexpected accident in which someone falls from a roof shatters their special dream. As the confused relatives go to see what’s going on, a similarly stooped St. Nick repairs his suit wondering if Christmas has arrived yet.

The boy at the party table explains in a rather unassuming tone that there is no Christmas, but December has arrived. “Why stay, just celebrate”, her father jokes as he looks lovingly at the thick lobster in his pan. Also, almost on cue, “Concurred” says St. Nick who is now joining the family at the table, sitting on Grandpa’s lap! A lush mission and donation, even St. Nick couldn’t help himself. Another film submitted earlier in the month shows a family involved in the beginning, as they happily took a gander at each other as they prepared for dinner at what most expect to begin the eve of a new year, in fact, just ended in Decemmmmber. At 3,2,1 o’clock relatives shouted “First Decemmmmber!” while enjoying meat and fish at the dinner table.

Commenting on Licious taking over the month, Santosh Hegde, VP of brand – Licious, which has been rebranded as ‘Licious Decemmmmber’, said, “There is a tradition of festivals starting around Christmas and.” Only New Year’s, as a matter of fact.” .What’s ‘Licious Decemmmmber’ again?” is just the fantasy buster you expected to play at festivals established by Licious extensive contributions. This extended mission offers a surprising amount of open doors it lacks mouth for our customers to indulge in yummy indulgences in raw and fresh and ready to cook classifications. tomfoolery of film Alongside our Insta page is another buzzing and exciting dedication set to make it the most delicious month on of the year. So – don’t stand by, just celebrate – with your favorite family and mates and lean sheer guilty pleasure and joy this ‘Licious Decemmmmber’!”

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